Moms Summer Workout Survival Tips

Summer is in full swing, fellow mommas, and although we love having a more relaxed schedule and a little more time to sleep in, we all know how draining these summer months can be. Trying to keep our regularly scheduled exercise regimens with the kids at home, or while we’re running around to and from summer camp, seems to be near darn impossible. A mom has to get creative to escape and fit in her daily dose of exercise and it can be done. Ladies, don’t let those long hours of hard work and dedication of training you’ve already put in throughout the rest of the year go to waste while we try to survive these summer months. Our schedules may have been turned upside down but let’s squeeze in that training and those glutes! Here are my top 5 tips to stay fit and active during the summer with the kiddos at home or sans kids while they’re away at camp:

1.)       Take it outdoors

Take the kids to the park and get a workout in while they’re playing. There are many exercise routines that can be done with absolutely zero equipment but if you’re looking for a little more of a challenge, invest in a jump rope, resistance bands, light weights and/or booty bands, and take it all to the park. The kids will get to play on the playground, while mommy gets her workout in beside them. Win, win for all!


2)        Go for a jog or bike ride with the kids

Find a nearby park and have the kids accompany you on a jog or bike ride – or for a bigger challenge, jog alongside your kids as they ride their bikes. For those moms with little ones in strollers, there are plenty of great organized groups of moms that work out together with their strollers.

3)        Work out indoors

There are plenty of great workout videos you can find on YouTube varying in length and intensity. Search for the amount of time and intensity level that works for you and get sweating!

4)        Opt for active and fun activities

Yes, it’s insanely hot outside. Yes, it feels like we’re going to melt the second we step outside but opt for active summer fun activities that the kids and mom will all enjoy together. Go kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking or play a sport together. And if you can’t bear the heat, try indoor rock climbing or skating.

5)        Sign up at a local gym with a childcare center  

Now I know this one may seem a little obvious but sometimes we get so stuck in our routine that when our schedule is off, we tend to forget about other options around us. If you are a member of a gym that does not offer childcare services, you may want to sign up at one that does at least during the summer months.

Hang in there, mommas. While our nights may end in total exhaustion and at some points we may miss the structure that the school year brings us, let’s remember that these sweet summers with our little kiddos, are short lived. Find ways to stay active this summer, while also enjoying time with your little ones!


Photos: Adriana Fernandez


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