Let’s Talk Meal Prepping!

For me, health isn’t measured in numbers. It’s not about the number on the scale nor other people’s standards of what healthy should look like. To me, health is measured in how I feel day-to-day. It’s measured on how well I take care of myself and how I treat my body regularly. For my own personal health and fitness goals, I don’t rely on calorie counting or fad diets. What I do strive for is leading an overall healthy lifestyle and feeding my body lots of nutritious, fresh, colorful whole foods. And to help me stay on track, I tend to meal prep. Set aside an hour or two a week for meal prepping and I guarantee you’ll be eating less junk and staying more consistent with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re new to meal prepping, don’t get overwhelmed, as I did, when I first began to meal prep. Even if you don’t get to manage a full prep, just take baby steps and prep one meal or a few snacks or a couple of days’ worth of meals at a time. Those meals and snacks will come in handy on those extra busy days on the go or when you’re just coming home exhausted.


Here, I’ve put together a list of one day’s worth of meals and snacks just to give you an idea of what to put together. On regular weeks, I personally prepare my meals and snacks for only two days (and I actually repeat one day’s worth) as I tend to come home throughout the day to eat my breakfast or lunch, but you can repeat your meals and snacks for the amount of days that work for you.


Meal 1: Overnight oats with chia seeds and frozen berries (recipe found under “Recipe Ideas” on my Instagram highlights)

Meal 2: Hardboiled egg and a banana

Meal 3: Ground turkey salad jar (recipe found under “Recipe Ideas” on my Instagram highlights)

Meal 4: Carrot sticks with hummus

Meal 5: Ground chicken with zucchini and squash noodles

Meal 6: Greek yogurt with a small handful of nuts

Meal 7: Sugar free Jell-O (this is usually something I’ll have when I have a sweet tooth)

I’m a very active person and train about 4-5x/week so I get hungry often. While I’m on the go, I prefer to have my snacks handy before I get to starving point and begin to think about making vending machine runs or any other unhealthy craziness.


Hope this post has helped take away any meal prep jitters away — I know I used to get them — and be sure to check out my IG stories @michelle_font where I regularly showcase meals, snack ideas and workouts.

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