Spend Some Time at Dadeland Mall This Summer!

I came across a post recently that said that we only get 18 delicious summers with our kids and this is one of our 18. This really hit home for me because, while I know I’m not alone in getting driven crazy by the kids throughout the summer and the pressure us moms face attempting to come up with different types of daily entertainment to fill our summer days, I realized this post was so true and it just absolutely broke my heart. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m older, wiser, more confident now that I’m being the best version of myself as a mother, or the mere fact that it’s the simple truth, my children are getting older. The summer days they’ll choose to spend with me over their friends are short lived. The days of us planning family summer vacations and our children willingly going will one day come to a halt. So, with this being said, I made the decision and vow to enjoy these short lived summer days and embrace every moment with them – yes, even the moments they can’t seem to get along, the moments when the house is in complete disarray with their toys and belongings spread out everywhere and even the moments they rummage through the fridge and pantry because they seem to be starving every two minutes.
To kickoff our summer break, we enjoyed a full day at Dadeland Mall in Miami. We shopped, got our manicures done, enjoyed a delicious lunch and spent some QT together. It was a much needed girls day and we were in heaven. I wanted to share our experience with my readers for you to get some ideas on how you too can spend your day at Dadeland Mall — think perfect activity for a rainy day.

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